This serves as a summary of the operations of the department as it concerns programmers such as the Holy Ghost Service and every programmer at the Camp (Convention, Holy Congress, and Special Holy Ghost Service).

They are categorized, under the followings:

Every Usher is to present him/herself to the Secretariat (usually at the Vestry) for registration in the National register (additional registers are provided at the province level also). Make enquiries as it concerns your province.

Posting and auditorium operations
The general posting of Ushers is done through a chart that is made available to all province leaders who are expected to communicate same to his/her Ushers.
Ushers are then expected to report to the blocks area allotted to them where they are also expected to register; they are then allocated registration tags. No Usher is allowed to officiate without proper registration. The Usher is therefore to see these blocks as synonymous to their
local Parish. They are thus expected to:-

- See to the welfare of the Congregation in their blocks
- Take proper attendance (Twice during the service)
- Collect all offerings (Thanksgiving) within the shortest possible time with utmost caution and tact.
- Stay at their duty post to ensure decency and orderliness (1 Cor. 14:40).
- Stay awake and alert. A new set of operational Id’s which are province specific is now introduced.

The Block Leader is now introduced
The block leader is the head usher of that block and is responsible for the overall operations of the block. Therefore, as much as practicable, only experienced, responsible and tested hands with a proven track record should be appointed block leaders. If an ordained usher fits the bill, such an usher should ordinarily be the block leader. Every usher in a block must report to the leader of the block who is expected to wear tag no. 1 and who should write his name first in the register for block. Other ushers will then register at the block level.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Block Leader
Every block leader must duly register at the Secretariat with proper identification. He or she is to arrange and conduct the ushers ministration in the block and bear full responsibilities for the success or otherwise of the ushers in that block.

He or she is to attend to national executives or their representative during monitoring or inspection of the block

To register all ushers in the block

To ensure that every usher in that block complies fully with all the regulations concerning appearance, dressing and comportment.

Must not leave the block anytime during the service except in an emergency and in such a case the block leader must hand over to the assistant usually no 2 tag.

To ensure that all the materials in that block, (baskets, bags, registers etc) are counted, recorded and accounted for at the end of the service.

To ensure that all the ushers in the block are upstanding and alert throughout the service and that none of them kneel, close their eyes or dance their head away during the service.

To remain alert to the message, instructions, requests from the altar and ensure they are carried out promptly.

To take full control of collection of offering and ensure no usher is idle during collection bearing in mind that time is essence of the exercise.

To take and cooperate with ushers in charge of attendance and record same in the book.

To do everything necessary to ensure that the ushering dept is not embarrassed. To quickly identify imposters, thieves and suspicious characters. A block leader should exemplify all the ideals of a perfect usher.
An officer-in-charge of auditorium operations is also appointed; he/she is responsible for the overall conduct of usher’s activities in the auditorium. He/she is to make sure offering are collected properly within the shortest time possible. He/she is the overall head of operations in the Auditorium and should take final decisions therein accept otherwise stated.
C. Vestry Operations

A number of recommended Usher (by the Province Head Usher) are involved in the Vestry operations where sorting, counting and recoding procedures of the Ushering departments is carried out.

The recommended Ushers are required to register here also.

An officer-in-charge of Vestry operations is also appointed and his/her responsibility is similar to that in that in the Auditorium, the difference is in the operations.

B. Special Holy Ghost Services
For Holy Ghost Services outside of the Camp, the following procedures are adopted:-

Survey: A good survey of the Arena is required, this can be provided by the Holy province which would be confirmed by the advance party to the venue.

Delineation: After the Survey has been gotten, the Area is now divided into blocks for ease of administration.

Registration Area: From the division above, a place is then set out as the registration area (Secretariat), the collation area for all ground works as it concerns the programme.

Officiating: Having done (i-iii) above, officiating can now be continued as if it were in the Camp.

Province head Ushers meet every third Sunday at Ebute Metta at 2.00pm we suggest head ushers of states outside Lagos meet thereafter every month. Efforts are made to forward copies of minutes to them.

Complying with the dress code for that particular grogramme

Reporting at the secretariat in case of national programmes and registration point as the case may be in other programmes

Fill the registration from and duel signed. (See appendix 1)

Identify where to work in accordance to the working schedule (Roaster)

Report to the block leader(s) assigned by the provincial head

The block leader must register/report at the secretariat to collect all necessary materials – auditorium operations tags, offering baskets and bags statistic slips, block registration form, tags requisition form etc

No Usher who is unclear suspension of other disciplinary action should work.

The present security arrangement is not effective.

To secure a man look away from him and towards the crowd. Back him and face the crowd the potential source of threat.

Do not crowd him. Stay at least 3 feet away from him

Be unobtrusive

Joining hands will only Incapacitate in an emergency be diligent.

Form a wide corridor.

Ushers should face the crowd rather than the altar.

Bags, personal effects and the other belongings are not allowed in the vestry.

Recommendation must be made by your provincial leader / co-coordinator / or his /her deputy/ Representative. Consequence upon this recommended person must have the vestry operations tag of his /her province

Registration in the vestry Register must be done upon arrival.

There must be no loitering in the vestry when work is in progress. Everyone must be seated except assigned personnel.

No one is to carry money to and from tables and counting area except assigned personnel.

Sorting and opening of envelopes is to be carried out only by assigned personnel.

No sleeping on workbenches while work is in progress

Frequent movement in and out of the vestry is prohibited when is in progress.

Random searching may be carried out from time to time.

Identification and / or approval to be done on Province basis occasionally.

Large sums of money on person must be surrendered to vestry security before enter-and obtain a receipt or tags; on no account should money be found on any Usher’s on duty in counting environment.

Counting Machines and batching of counted notes to be carried out by assigned personnel.



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