Definition of Manifestation:
- To show plainly
- To be made apparently clear
- To be made obvious
- To make something evident or known.

Manifestation of the power of God takes place during intense worship of God.
(..God inhabits the praise of His people…” Ps 22:3)

There are two kinds of manifestation namely:
A. Positive: This reveals the nature of God through prophecy and word of knowledge and it edifies the body of Christ Col.1:26, Rom 16:25-26, 1 Cor. 2:7-13.

What is expected of an Usher!
As an Usher you must be very alert and attentive. In fact, the words of knowledge or prophecy can be recorded by the Usher ministering to the altar.

B. Negative: Demonic/Evil manifestation. This also take place during intense worship where there is heavy flow of anointing (i.e flow of the power of God),”… yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing…” Isaiah 10:27.

So when there is flow of anointing, yokes are broken and people delivered.
Therefore we should expect certain levels of reaction from demons that hitherto possessed people. The reaction can be mild or violent (Mk. 5:1-3), the Ushers need to be alert and ready both physically and spiritually to handle these reactions. This is why ushers must not close their eyes except when specifically asked to or kneel down or dance away as the demons only needs a careless usher to wreck havoc on the people or ushers. Ushers must pray continuously both in understanding and in the spirit.

What is needed by Ushers to control the situation.
- Plastic bowls in case of vomiting

- Tissue papers to clean saliva on the floor

- Mats to lay people down.

- Covering materials to prevent the display of the nakedness of women.

- All Usher should manage or carry female and vice versa

Ushers need wisdom and understanding as to know how to officiate during anointing services.
We need to maintain orderliness during services because our God is a God of order (1 Cor. 14:40)

Distribution of Ushers
Ushers should be distributed evenly along the aisles in the auditorium.
These ushers are to help people that are falling under power of the Holy Spirit to prevent bodily injuries.

Ushers should be distributed at strategic positions in front of the altar to prevent pandemonium and to guard the altar and prevent rowdiness.

For Ministrations that involve calling people out
- Ushers must arrange the people to be in a straight line (s)
- Usher should stand at the back of each person to be ministered to on a one-to-one basis, ladies standing behind ladies and men behind men.
- The size and weight of the person you are helping must also be taken into consideration.

Note: In the case of a heavily pregnant lady, two lady ushers should stand behind the pregnant woman with their hands joined together to present a comfortable buffer for the woman in case she is slain in the spirit.

A word of caution for the Usher must be “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.”


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