A. Under no circumstances must a single usher open the Tithe box or be alone with money in the counting room. At least two or three ushers must be present.

B. Money must not be counted outside the ushers room

C. It is not the usher’s duty to disburse money (Before, during or after counting money).

D. An usher must not also be the treasurer.

E. Spouses must not be in the ushering department of the same parish.

F. An Usher should never discuss the church finances with an unauthorized person including their spouse (utmost confidentiality should be the watchword).

G. A person cannot be an usher in the parish where his/her spouse is the treasurer.

H. The actual offering collected must be faithfully recorded without any alteration in the denominations collected.

I. Cheque exchanges are note allowed.

J. Dirty/Old notes cannot be changed into clearer ones.

K. The Ushering room is strictly out of bounds to those who are not ushers children including.

L. All monies counted by ushers must be handed over only to the church treasurer, the pastor or his/her appointee and ensure that all documents are signed and dated.

M. Parish, Area, Zonal and Province records should be separated accordingly at all times.

N. Ushers’ books (Attendance register, Count sheet, Summary sheet, Usher’s note book) must be filled accurately at all times and kept within the department.

The count sheets and summary sheets are produced centrally by the Province for uniformity. The attendance register can be obtained from the Provincial Office or through Pastor (Mrs.) A. Alimi at the headquarters Ebute Metta.

O. It is the duty of the Ushers to clean the church before/after every service.

P. Ushers are expected to meet weekly to pray and study the word (at least once a week)

Q. Ushers are expected to be financially committed as required.

R. Ushers must take time to listen to the tapes of the services ministered and observe quiet time regularly.

S. An Usher should always remain upstanding. Alert with eyes wide open. Not given to dancing or gyrating to the music, eyes should not be closed (Except when specifically directed by the ministering pastor).

PERSONAL RULES & Regulations
A. Uniform:
The uniform adopted for National programmes and the Holy Ghost service are communicated to the ushers through the Provincial Head Ushers while provinces are encouraged to have their individual uniforms. However, for programmes that require more-than one day (Convention, Holy Ghost Congress, Special Holy Ghost Service), Schedule of the various uniforms will be communicated accordingly. Male ushers are expected to be in complete suits while female ushers are expected to be in skirt suits.

B. Female Ushers:
Hair attachment is not allowed
No visible facial make-up allowed
No dropping ear-rings, bangles etc allowed.
No slit/mini skirts allowed
Pregnant sisters could wear pinafore on their blouses

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